Message from Our Founder

The science of Naturopathy is based on the principle that we are a part of the whole system of creation. The beauty of Naturopathy is that it goes back to the womb of life, which is Mother Nature, and taps the elemental forces of nature for healing. It is a totally natural and drug-free treatment method, and the system of Naturopathy aims to treat the root cause of illness, not just symptoms. It educates people about the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle and partaking natural nutritional foods. It recommends the prevention of illness as better than cure. Naturopathy helps the human system to remove from the body toxins and other unwanted matter which leads to disease.

It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction for us to invite you to Yogashram Nature cure Center, Junagadh to heal yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.


Our Environment

YOGASHRAM NATURE CURE CENTER established in the vicinity surrounded by divine and blissful nature 20 km far from JUNAGADH, in peaaceful valleys of Gir Mountain, on the bank of river Vakola.

This center is aimed at providing PHYSIOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL health to people suffering from various diseases and stress through integrated therapy of AYURVEDA in the enviroment with fresh and pure air, verdant and vibrant nature while NATUROPATHY rejuvenates body with its various therapies which are given in havenly nature, that further heals soul of individuals from stress and worries.

The vision of YOGASHRAM is to create a disease free world through scientific approch towards holistic healthcare, wellness and health rejuvenation with NATUROPATHY, YOGA & AYURVEDA and spread the same message around the world.